Old Friends
Old Friends


Men's Ministry

The Brandon SDA Men's Ministries is dedicated to ministering to the men of our congregation and our community.

Men's Ministry

Men's Ministry will be relaunching in 2020!


Our goal is to create a vibrant and dynamic men’s ministry that will draw us closer to God and build a sound relationship between each other.


Please fill out the survey below so we can keep in touch and better inform you of upcoming opportunities to participate, stay connected, and serve. 


Men's Ministry Survey
Age Group
1. How would you like to be notified about upcoming Men's Ministry events?
2. What would you like to accomplish through your involvment in Men's Ministry?
3. What type of Men's Ministry activities would you like to participate in?
4. What are you passionate about? What hobbies do you have?
5. What type of work have you done or do that you can share insight about to help others in the Men's Ministry. (Helping hand group). Please check areas of skills and experience.
6. What is your spiritual gift?
7. Program Area of Interest
8. Topics of Interest

Thanks for submitting! Your input will be very helpful as we seek to address the needs and interests of the men in our congregation.